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Repel Systems, LLC was founded in Louisville, KY, USA in 2018.  Our partnership with a manufacturing company in China named Anhui JIT New Material Co.,Ltd. has allowed us to import and offer our clients a shower system that is lightweight, easy to install, and at a cost that is affordable in most custom bathroom tile applications.

Our Chinese partner Anhui JIT New Material Co.,Ltd.  has obtained European certifications through third party testing laboratories relevant to the construction industry.  Aside from third party testing acquired by our partner, Repel Systems has contracted with Summitville Laboratories in Ohio, USA, to perform bond and shear strength testing using three common strength mortars used in the tile industry. These test results have given Repel Systems an overall shear and pull off strength which Summitville finds well within required results to be comfortable providing to the tile and construction trade. Repel Systems has also acquired certificate of listing from IAMPO Research and Testing Inc. which tests and inspects samples taken from our stock to verify compliance to the requirements of applicable codes and standards. These testing results can be viewed under our download section. 

Email info@repelsystems.com for more information as well as where you can purchase our materials.