3/4" thickness Walk-in Shower System

Repel Shower Systems are designed to make the tiling of walk-in showers simple.

They are ideally suited for projects where falls to floor need to be created over existing level floors in environments such as wet rooms, balconies, roof terraces etc. A tough surface coating provides the perfect surface for the application of tiles. Creating accurate falls over long distances is easily achieved by using Repel Tile Backerboard as a raising course.
Part Number Item Size
REP-3x3PAN 3' x 3'
REP-3x4PAN 3' x 4'
REP-3x5PAN 3' x 5'
REP-4x4PAN 4' x 4'
REP-4x5PAN 4' x 5'
REP-5x5PAN 5' x 5'
REP-SQDRAIN Drain Assembly in chrome

All Repel Shower Systems feature high quality construction with a 100% waterproof XPS foam core, covered by fibreglass mesh for added strength, and then coated in a modified cement surface for setting your choice of tile, stone, glass or mosaics on.  Make sure you pick up Joint Sealant for the glueing of all seams and joints. Add any of our custom accessories to bring that added personal touch to your shower.

Repel Shower Systems Pre-Sloped and come with a factory installed drain to connect directly to the domestic waste line and insure the highest quality installation available! Pre-sloped, waterproof and ready to tile!

How to install a Repel Systems with square drain